Apple iPad is unlikely to provide a relaxing read

My wife knows nothing about technology. She doesn’t have a Facebook account and watching her search the web is more frustrating than watching Aston Villa fail to score in four successive Premier League matches.

She cares nothing for the bits and bytes of technology, like much of the world (an oft forgotten detail). But she did mention that she’d heard Apple had released some new technology.

“The Apple iPad,” I said, recognising that while she cares nothing for Steve Jobs’ latest device, she is equally unable to avoid media hype. The iPad – depending on your chosen review – is either a big phone, the greatest innovation ever (since the last Apple innovation, anyway) or the saviour of the publishing industry. Such hype suggests we’re all about to start reading books and papers on our iPads ; my wife’s response to that suggestion?

“Reading is all about relaxing, so why would anyone choose to read a computer screen?”

Quite (now get your own Facebook account and stop using mine to connect with your mates).

7 thoughts on “Apple iPad is unlikely to provide a relaxing read

  1. Mrs Norbury

    Luckily your wife will never read this… It must be the people we married. Mr Norbury doesn’t do Facebook either!

  2. David

    Books are fantastic, when you’ve
    finished with them you can stick them on your
    shelf and look at them. They don’t crash and the
    batteries never run out. I love finding things
    in books years after I read them: old railway
    tickets from journeys where I read them and the
    odd squashed pea from careless feeding and

  3. mark Post author

    The train ticket point is crucial. That happens to me regularly. By the way, I also like the way your post looks like a poem – is that the idea?

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