Childish jokes from my daughter

One of the great things about my three-year-old daughter is that she likes a laugh. She’s shy but, in the comfort of her own home, she really likes a laugh. Much to my poor wife’s chagrin, who usually has to cope with an over-excited child and a childish Daddy.

She’s spent the last couple of months experimenting with jokes. Egged on by an immature father and the ubiquitous Justin (he’s a bloke that presents loads of shows on CBeebies, including the ‘funny’ Gigglebiz), my daughter has tried to come up with some gags. As can be seen below, she’s managed to rip off a fairly standard formula – but the gags show a strong (how I can put this?) alternative flavour:

  • Why did the pelican cross the road? To go to the barbers.
  • Why did the mouse run up the clock? To go in the trumpet.
  • Why does the steam go in your eyes? Because it runs about.
  • Why does a cup jump into the air? Because it digs on your floor.
  • Why does a turtle walk on the land? Because it swims in the sea.
  • Why does a cup go on your shelf? Because it sits on your table.
  • Why does the turtle swim like a fish? Because it’s like you and me.
  • Why does a machine cross your toy? Because it goes to the centre, where’s it’s cool and fluffy.
  • Why does a cow jump over the fence? Because it wants to eat your supper.
  • Why did the vacuum cleaner stamp on the house? Because it made the children run about.
  • Why did the toilet cross his neighbours to get to his house? Because he bought something new to wear.
  • Why does the tree lamp have a leaf? Because it’s bonkers.
  • Why did the cat jump over the moon? Because it runs to the stocking.
  • Why did the deer have no eyes? Because it had no idea.

4 thoughts on “Childish jokes from my daughter

  1. mark Post author

    Not ours, it doesn’t… Maybe she gets it from The Krankies? Are we related to The Krankies?

  2. mom

    Obviously, her humour is from me. I am a ray of sunshine. Warwick is not posh Midlands, it is just quaint with plenty of charity shops!

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