Is the CTO the new CIO?

Here’s another article I’ve produced for – this time it’s about whether an entirely new type of leader is starting to emerge. With all the emphasis on understanding the business, is there a danger that IT leaders are losing their focus on technology itself?

Much is made of the suggestion that IT leaders must understand the needs of the business. It’s a reasonable suggestion – any technology chief knows success is dependent onĀ engagement with the demands of senior executives. But in this push to comprehend the requirements of the business, have we started to ignore the importance of technology?

It’s a pertinent question, given that most commentators recognise that IT is now the key building block for organisational success. From on-demand computing to social media and mobile technology, IT chiefs will be expected to give quick answers to crucial investment questions.

While such answers will depend on the requirements of the business, the board will first call on an IT chief for their understanding of technology rather than other operational considerations.

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2 thoughts on “Is the CTO the new CIO?

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    A quick question is, “why do so few CIO’s report directly to the CEO?” The answer is that CIO’s are between a rock and a hard place. CEO’s perceive them as too techie, IT perceives them as too businessy.

    In my book a CTO and CIO should be the samething. It should be a person who understands technology, but more importantly can explain it to non techies in a way they understand. And that doesn’t mean explaining how to connect a USB mouse to a laptop as one CEO asked me last week before we both gave a major presentation to investors!

    Of course if the Cloud Computing evangelists have their way, soon there will be no CTO’s because the traditional IT department will not longer exist………………….


    Susan de Sousa
    Site Editor

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