Millennials: Can CIOs win the generation game?

And here’s another piece from mid-January for, this time about a new set of customer-focused challenges for CIOs. Faced with a new wave of people and technology, how are IT leaders preparing the business for the next generation of customers and workers?

Young people are different. They live like cyborgs, collaborating and connecting online with multiple contacts across various forms of social technology. How they use IT will completely disrupt how your business engages with its employees and customers.

That, at least, is the popular myth. But generalisations are unhelpful, as was wonderfully exposed in a recent first-person account of millennials on Yes, millennials are enthusiastic, technology-literate multitaskers. They are also far from the clichéd media depiction of tech-savvy anarchists set to destroy established corporate hierarchies.

It is a viewpoint that resonates strongly with Keith Collins, CTO at technology specialist SAS and a business leader with 25 years’ experience of how IT is used and consumed. “Generation Y has grown up with technology but it’s rubbish to suggest that such individuals will only want to be independent and not have strong relationships with the company,” he says.

To read the rest of the feature, click here.

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