Running to stand still? Five tips to stop CIOs being left behind

IT and business change cracks along at speed, so CIOs have to know the best ways of coping with those rapid shifts – as well as handling management expectations. Here’s my latest feature for Tech Republic, which explores the ability of the CIO to cope with transformation:

Modern business is all about speed – speed to innovation, to market and to growth. CIOs are expected to create the strategy that allows the business to move quickly, making best use of the digital technology than underpins organisational operations.

Working at such a pace can be challenging, especially as the rest of the business demands flexibility that might have been lacking in traditional enterprise-scale IT deployments.

So, how do CIOs cope with rapid change in IT and create the type of IT strategy that meets business expectations? Five experts offer five best-practice tips for dealing with the pace of change.

To read the rest of the feature, please click here.

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